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  • The Future is Ours – 3D Simulation by Capac Roberts
  • Multimedia performances | Image realized by Capac Roberts
  • Give my wall more memory | Photo Paul Fusco
  • iMemory/ Vertical Time Capsule In Homage To My Friends


06 2009
Concept + PDF Proposal

In the age of digital media, how do we preserve / save / revive journalism by design? A project co-initiated by Claudine Boeglin and Paul Pangaro*

What roles are left to professional media in news coverage, field reporting, criticism, and analysis? What is journalism in the age of citizen...

Augmented Reality Using Fictional Languages | Photos Claudine Boeglin
04 2010
Concept + PDF Proposal

A media manifesto for global media labs to be funded by global brands. The project calls for a new era of media labs merging realities and fiction–reflecting on universal topics and matters. The business model is provocative itself, inviting global brands such as Apple, Nokia, IBM, etc. to...

Changing The Reality Of Haiti | Image Dandy Vagabonds
04 2009
Concept + PDF Proposal

This project has been written in April 2009 by Claudine Boeglin, further her trip to Port-Au-Prince. The proposal was presented to several people in media for reaction and eventually for an engagement. Often the question was: "Why Haiti?". A year later, the answer seems obvious. But in 2009,...

11 2009
Concept + PDF Proposal

A Project written by Claudine Boeglin and Ryan Runstadler for Magnum photographer and humanist, Paul Fusco with the aim of sharing his first hand American stories — both professional and personal...

06 2008
Multimedia campaign

Since the early 1980s, AIDS has ravaged the lives and livelihoods of millions of people. Nearly 30 million people have died from AIDS. But over the past few years, a quiet global revolution has...

03 2007
Concept + PDF Proposal

The concept and proposal was presented to Slate in January 2007. Its concept helped set the main principles of slatev.com, and helped engage Microsoft as the founding sponsor.


01 2007
Documentary + Web-Demo

The project Skin Branding was conceived and produced in Fall 2006 by an collective of four multimedia artists/producers: Peter Norrman, Todd Weinstein, Steve Zehentner and Claudine Boeglin under...

One Planet, One Change | Magnum In Motion
09 2008

Rich countries are already preparing public health to deal with future climate shocks. For poor countries it is much harder: they need international support to adapt. We are drifting into a world...